QuickStart Guide

You can download the GlucosePATH QuickStart Guide here.

What is PATH?

PATH is a computer program designed to help healthcare providers and patients make decisions about the medical treatment of Type 2 Diabetes. PATH individualizes therapy to account for drug interactions, side effects, underlying medical benefits, ease of use, and drug costs. Recommendations are presented with a score from 0 (the worst) to 100 (the best) along with the most important information for patients to know about risks and benefits.

How does PATH generate cost estimates?

Understanding cost in healthcare is critically important when making decisions about care. PATH looks entirely at the cost to the patient in order to maintain a patient centered approach. Currently, PATH uses common core formulary and copay structures with the understanding that individual plans may vary. PATH also keeps an updated list of manufacturer coupons that can be applied for cost.

What about Medicare Costs?

Currently, medicare costs use a formula which estimates the impact of the medication in terms of the coverage gap for most patients and generates an average monthly cost (accounting for the “donut hole”). Expensive medicines for other conditions may affect the cost in terms of total cost, though the ranking of the medications will remain largely intact.

Can PATH make recommendation for medications for the treatment of high cholesterol or high blood pressure?

Currently, PATH focuses on the treatment of hyperglycemia and the peripheral benefits and risk of anti-hyperglycemic agents. While important, choice of medicines for cholesterol and high blood pressure are not currently included and should be individually evaluated by the patient’s health care provider.

How much does PATH cost?

PATH is not currently available as a commercial product. We are focused on creating a tool of high quality at this time.